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Equine care


As a horse owner myself I fully understand what a tie and hard work they can be, so if you're going away for a while or just fancy a lie-in we can help.


We will tailor the care to suit you and can include any combination of the following:


(A) Full day care - Feed, change rug, turn out, muck out, hay, water, make up feeds; bring  in, pick out feet, quick groom and check over, change rugs, feed, tuck up in bed. 


(B) Field check for horses living out - check over, pick out feet, feed, change rug if required, fly spray/masks. Can be done once or twice a day.


This care does not include lungeing or riding the horse and we also do not cover farrier or vet visits (unless in an emergency).



Please note we only operate this service within a 5 mile radius of Almondsbury, South Gloucestershire.  









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